House & Pet Sitting

What is House and Pet Sitting?

House and Pet sitting and sitting services are offered by reliable and trustworthy sitters who provide onsite, overnight professional care for your pets and home while you take time away.

We know it can be challenging to trust your pets and home to strangers. As your trusted pet and house sitters, we ensure that your pets and home are safe, secure and that regular routines are maintained so that you can confidently enjoy your time away from home.

We approach each sit with an open mind and based on our previous sitting experience. We learn something new every time we sit. We listen to your needs and requirements and commit to a sit when both sides are happy and confident in each other.

Actual services provided vary based on the specific needs of the pets and homeowners. Sitters may agree to a range of responsibilities, including pet care, gardening, and home and property maintenance. All services should be discussed and agreed upon in advance of accepting a sit and sitters.

Pet and House Sitting Services

As your chosen pet and home sitter here is what you can expect from us:


  • Dogs & cats (all ages and sizes)
  • Reptiles, fish, birds, rabbits (we love critters)
  • Donkeys & Horses (stabled, pastured, grooming, riding)
  • Geese, Chickens, Goats, Cows
  • Administering medication

While you’re away, your pets will have adventures too. We’ll play fun games, run around, go on local expeditions, and have funny chats. Or, if they prefer, we can chill together too. If you want, we will keep in touch and let you know how things are going with messages, photos, and videos. Let us know what you desire.



  • General lawn & garden & care, including motorized lawnmowers
  • Home repair coordination
  • Liaison for Cleaner / Gardener / Home Staff

Our goal is to leave your home just as it was when we arrived. If you want a debrief when you return, we’re happy to do that.


  • Kind, caring animal lovers
  • We keep our commitments
  • Reliable communication
  • We keep your home and property tidy & clean
  • A flexible, common-sense approach to problem-solving
  • Non-Smoking, Plant-Based

If you think that we would be a good fit for your family, pets, and home, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!


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